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Happy New Year!

News 2010 Posted on Sun, January 02, 2011 22:53:12

A Happy New Year to you all, and attached is a picture from the ice just outside Gotheburg some days ago. Photo by Morgan Evans /

Kaitum vallery mixed gallery

News 2010 Posted on Sat, December 04, 2010 18:33:13

Found a bunch of scanned old slides from two trips to river Kaitumälven vallery about ten years ago. To be found at >>>

Rise Film Festival

News 2010 Posted on Sat, December 04, 2010 18:26:51

Some short clips from Rise, Gothenburg, november 2010.


Season 2010 mixed gallery

News 2010 Posted on Sat, November 27, 2010 22:58:14

Just did some cruising around in LR and collected a mix of pictures, most of them snapped on-the-go with my digital compact during guided trips with clients season 2010.

See link >>>

Mälaren pike October 2009

News 2010 Posted on Sat, November 27, 2010 18:45:20

I just added a gallery to the website from a trip last year when I and Peter Alex went to lake Mälaren and Västervik for pike on the fly.

You find it after this link >>>

Shallow water pike

News 2010 Posted on Mon, November 22, 2010 12:00:06

I have now posted a gallery with a bunch of pictures from last weekend, when fly fishing for shallow water pike in south Sweden. Scouted some new and promising areas and can´t wait to get down there again. Thanks Ante, Alex, Daniel & Bertil for another great trip.

See picture gallery at:

Tiveden flyfish

News 2010 Posted on Sun, October 17, 2010 17:21:43

Last week I was invited to Tiveden Flyfish to make some work for the magazines. We hit nice weather, beautiful nature and almost wild rainbow trout. More on this in some of the spring issues 2011.

End of season 2010

News 2010 Posted on Fri, October 01, 2010 14:16:31

This week the season of searun browntrout ends, and I have been out with clients several days. On sunday we made a trip with four people but had very tough conditions with hard & cold northerly winds and only managed a few fish.

Tuesday & wednesday I guided mr Per Jobs and Conny Cronhamn from Gotland. Even if the cold conditions did not change we managed between 7-9 fish per day and some decent ones up to 59 cm pictured below.

Best searun brown

News 2010 Posted on Wed, September 22, 2010 22:27:48

Today I made a trip with my old friends Lennart Ottosson & Morgan Evans, and landed my biggest searun brown of the season, 63 cm and around 3 kgs, released. Photo by Morgan Evans.

Guided coastal trip

News 2010 Posted on Wed, September 22, 2010 22:06:28

A guided trip last week with sales rep Anders Bengtsson and client resulted in five searun brown of moderate size. The waterlevels was very high and wind around 12 m/s, and fish did not quite show up on normal spots. Some huge stormclouds came over us and went away, leaving a magnificent rainbow in the sky.

Coastal trip

News 2010 Posted on Sun, September 12, 2010 09:33:51

Today Peter, Thomas and me made an own trip on the coast north of Stenungsund. Weather was good for searun browns, with an overcast sky and southerly winds but water levels very low. We managed 11 browns between us, mostly coloured fish of moderate size.

Coastal guided trip

News 2010 Posted on Wed, September 01, 2010 09:22:19

Today I again had the pleasure to have Torbjörn Wikman and collegue Claes from SEB in the boat. We fished the outer estuary area of river Göta Älv and had good conditions with moderate westerly winds and an overcast sky. We found trout around the rocks and small islands and Torbjörn landed 4 searun brown trout only one was under the minimum measure! The two biggest fish measured 53 cm and 58 cm. All fish took black or dark orange Wooly Buggers/Muddlers fished on an intermediate line and a 0,24 flourocarbon leader. Torbjörn Wikman releses his biggest fish of the day.

Last week summary

News 2010 Posted on Sat, August 28, 2010 16:47:45

For last week I have three trips to report:

Monday | Guided trip with S|E|B. We fished the outer estuary of river Göta Älv in rough conditions and hard wind. But we found quite a lot of fish even if they were picky and hard to hook. One nice fish broke the line in a jump close to the boat, and a real specimen showed in the surface twice close to the boat. Despite quite many contacts we only boated one fish.

Thursday|Went on the coast for some pictures and some fishing. Way to nice weather and little wind, so we got skunked….

Friday| Peter Alex went out for a late aftersoon/evening with some friends, fishing on the outside of island Hisningen. Very coloured water, but fish were around. They got some nice ones on bright coloured Spoon Flies, orange & copper, fish pictured below.

Greeland arctic char

News 2010 Posted on Sun, August 22, 2010 12:15:29

The Greenland gallery is now utdated with some images by Jonas Høholt.
I have added a Guest gallery to the website, a gallery from Greenland by Albin Löfqvist. See more at

Autumn coastal trout

News 2010 Posted on Sun, August 22, 2010 12:06:34

It seems like we are heading into autumn-mode on the west coast of Sweden right now. The late evening/night fishing are not as productive as before, and the best reports are from late afternoon/early evening. Below a picture from Imre Morton and a fish from Galtarö Spets caught by his brother two days ago. We are seeing more and more coloured fish and encourage everyone to release those prespawners.

Lapland pike

News 2010 Posted on Tue, August 10, 2010 19:39:51

On a work trip right now, checking out new pike fishing products in nothern Sweden. Lost a big pike yesterday in the lake by Lodge Vargo.

Gallery in Hindås

News 2010 Posted on Tue, August 10, 2010 19:35:59

Thanks everyone who came by gallery Gyllene Hinden in Hindås last Sunday and looked at the flyfishing-theme with pictures, flytying, knifes and more.

Iceland galleries

News 2010 Posted on Wed, July 28, 2010 23:14:29

The website is now updated with some new galleries from Iceland.

Last one is a nature gallery at:

Vindelälven brown trout

News 2010 Posted on Wed, July 28, 2010 23:10:34


My good fishing mate Peter Alexandersson together with Imre Morton just sent a report from river Vindelälven and Ammarnäs/Kraddsele in Swedish Lapland. Peter has landed two really big brown trout, the biggest one weighting 6,6 kgs and the other one just a little smaller. What an incredible place! …and they have some more days to go.
One cool thing is that the trout were tagged with a radio transmitter before release, so now the staff working with conservation in the are can follow and monitor the movement of around 10 trout in the river. Trout 6,6 kg Överforsen, river Vindelälven. Photo by Imre Morton

Perch on new tackle

News 2010 Posted on Mon, July 19, 2010 10:35:13

UPDATE || Another nice perch just landed and released, weight 1,7 kg.

Peter Alex just reported some nice perch caught on live bait from the boat today. As the fish has been very picky he used one flyrod with a sinking line + live bait, and that rod outfished the normal ´bottom bounce´ tackle with 4 strikes to Zero!

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