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11 jan 2008 | New guideboat

Fishing News 2007 Posted on Sat, January 12, 2008 09:34:39

The arrival of the NEW GUIDEBOAT has been confirmed to beginning of March. The boat is the new Buster X-model made from durable aluminum and 5,15 meters long. The interior is fully adjustable to get plenty of space for spin- and flyfishing. The motor will be a Yamaha 60hp four-stroke outboard, and it will be fitted with colour fish-finder, GPS and security equipment. It will be placed on trailer to gain access to both lakes and coastal waters.
Blog ImageBoat shown on picture not the actual guide boat.

27 dec 2007 | Merry Christmas!

Fishing News 2007 Posted on Wed, December 26, 2007 10:45:13

I wish you all a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year 2008!

I also want to bring you a sincere SKITFISKE for the season of 2008, may the waters be to high or to low, to warm or to cold, to calm or to windy, to clear or to murky!

Picture of me below from New Zealand some winters ago, Karamea River tributary.

Blog ImagePicture by Niclas Andersson |

15 nov 2007 | Pike Blekinge, Sweden

Fishing News 2007 Posted on Thu, December 06, 2007 13:42:01

A trip to southern Sweden and Blekinge rendered some OK pikes around 5-6 kilos on the fly, but most fish were small males in the 2,5 kg range. We had some followers of better size, but they newer took the flies.

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7nov2007 | Västervik day 2

Fishing News 2007 Posted on Tue, November 20, 2007 10:29:59

Today the weather got worse, with snow and rain in the morning. But finally it cleared up and we could enter the Baltic. Anders guided me to some nice pikes on shallow water along the reeds, taking a black/orange fly fished on a clear intermediate line.

Blog ImagePhoto by Anders Forsberg.

6nov2007 | Västervik pike

Fishing News 2007 Posted on Sun, November 18, 2007 22:13:52

I have been to Västervik to test the new boat Gypsy V480 for flyfishing. Day 1 ended very well. Mr Anders Forsberg landed a nice 12 kg pike on a fly fished with light spinng gear. The fly is fished with no extra weight and is hoovering near the surface. Perfect for late season shallow water fishing when the pikes prefer a slow retrive.

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1oct2007 | Stillwater UK style

Fishing News 2007 Posted on Sun, October 14, 2007 16:59:39

Just back from a trip to England to make some work on UK style stillwater fishing with drifting boats. Some days with hard wind but one thing is for sure, the land of Yourkshire Pudding and good ales knows how to produce excellent fish! Picures will be added to the Gallery Page within some weeks.

Blog ImagePicture by Peter Alex.

20sept2007 | Late season searun browns

Fishing News 2007 Posted on Thu, October 11, 2007 10:09:07

The season of searun browntrout is coming to an end, as we soon enter october. But fishing is still allowed until October 15 in the brackish esturay ares of river Göta Älv and river Nordre Älv. September is one of the best months of the year, with well fed but sometimes tricky fish and perfect water temps.

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15sept2007 | Great perch fishing

Fishing News 2007 Posted on Thu, October 11, 2007 09:59:16

September is a very good month for big perch in the lakes around Göteborg. We fish in several waters, but prefer one lake which have a stock of big and educated perch. They can be caught on a varety of methods, but the most consistent fishing is with live bait. Picture below Peter Alexandersson with a 2kg perch.

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Picture by Markus L.

7sept2007 | Guided tour on the coast

Fishing News 2007 Posted on Sat, September 08, 2007 13:07:51

Today we had the pleasure to guide Mr Robert Hallman (USA) and his daughter Rebecca on the coast in search of searun browntrout. We used our small and durable aluminium boat to easily travel between the islands and rocks in the archipelago. The weather was nice and sunny, but unfortenatley the wind picked up in the evening, so we had to focus on spots on the lee side of the islands. Despite this Mr Hallman managed 7 strikes and landed two of the fishes. The best fish was a really nice trout of 60 cm, just under 3 kgs / 6lbs! After a quick picture (posted below) it was released.
Blog Image

Blog Image
*Place of fishing* Göteborg coastal area, boat & cliffs.
*Method* Flyfishing, floating line w. weighted shrimp imitation.
*Weather & wind* 17*C, sunny, NW wind, 7-10 m/s
*Watertemp* 15*C
*Nr of fish caught* 2 searun browntrout, 5 strikes.
*Biggest fish* 3kgs / 60 cm

10aug2007 | Nightfishing for searun browns.

Fishing News 2007 Posted on Thu, August 16, 2007 21:04:02

The evenings are getting darker as autumn progress, and some really nice searun browns cruise into shallow water to feed. With flat water and no wind these fish can be a real challenge. A small, orange/brown seaworm hatch at this time of year, and the trout go nuts. Below a picture of me with a 6lb searun browntrout from last night, caught in shallow water on a #8 Black Wolly Bugger fished just under the surface.

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Photo Peter Alexandersson

4aug2007 | Coastal trip with tent.

Fishing News 2007 Posted on Thu, August 16, 2007 20:55:05

Just back from a wonderful trip on the coast with boat and tent. Great weather and some really nice mackerel on light tackle. When these fish begins to reach one kilo in weight, they are almost impossible to land on light tackle! Great fun.

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31july2007 | Mackerel on the coast.

Fishing News 2007 Posted on Thu, August 16, 2007 20:49:14

Large schools of mackerel are now really close to the coast, and can sometimes be caught from the cliffs, especially at places with deeper water close by. To have a boat is an advantage, and the fish can be caught on a variety of methods. One of the most exciting is with a float and juvenile herring as bait. On a light spinning rod a normal sized mackerel is one of the hardest fighting fish you can find. If you are at the right spot at the right time it is also possible to catch them on the fly.
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23june2007 | US fisherman on the coast.

Fishing News 2007 Posted on Thu, August 16, 2007 20:30:19

*Place of fishing* Göteborg coastal area, boat & cliffs.
*Fisherman* Don Arkell, Denver, USA
*Method* Flyfishing, clear int line with baitfish imitation.
*Weather & wind* 22*C, partly cloudy, SW wind, 7 m/s
*Watertemp* 19*C
*Nr of fish caught* 1 searun browntrout.
*Biggest fish* 40 cm
*Additional info* Late afternoon/evening trip with difficult fishing, only one fish landed. Quite sunny and clear water.
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18june2007 | Evening trip.

Fishing News 2007 Posted on Thu, August 16, 2007 20:22:54

*Place of fishing* Göteborg coastal area with boat.
*Fisherman* Morgan Evans
*Method* Flyfishing, intermediate line with baitfish imitation.
*Weather & wind* 18C, cloudy, showers,SW wind, 4 m/s
*Watertemp* 17*C
*Nr of fish caught* 3 searun browntrout.
*Biggest fish* 40 cm
*Additional info* An evening trip with Morgan Evans from Guideline Sweden resulted in one decent fish in the boat + some smaller ones. A front came in from SW with rain during the evening.
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15june2007 | Float tube exploration trip.

Fishing News 2007 Posted on Thu, August 16, 2007 20:13:10

Float tube exploration trip to one of the islands in the archipelago of Göteborg. Quite hard wind from NE made the fishing difficult. 4 searun brown caught, biggest fish 45 cm.
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5may2007 | Searun Browntrout trip.

Fishing News 2007 Posted on Thu, August 16, 2007 18:16:57

A trip on the coast gave a lot of action from smaller searun browntrout eating seaworms. Some better fish were caught, one of them are pictured below, held by Peter Alexandersson.
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